Wednesday, May 24, 2006

a decision to be made

additional costs in moving out:

more rent: +$150/mth
cellphone: $120 + $50/mth
cable: $25/mth
internet: ???
Water: $10/mth
electricity: $25/mth
grocery: same as present (hopefully..)


car: $3000++
insurance: $20/mth
gas: $120/mth

sacrifices: shopping, dining out, travelling...

and in a lamenting email to a dear friend, i told her the additional costs is like one coach bag per month!!! at the end of 18 mths i could have had another 16 bags!!! or a gazillion other cute clothes, or another 30 pairs of shoes!!! and the very young but wise girl replied:

"wah piang...forget about the coach bag so many bags for wad?
only got 2 shoulders and 2 arms. bag vs. roof over happy head...i
think the happy head more impt lor."


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