Saturday, May 27, 2006


certainly an eye opener!!! i always thought that bingo was for oldies and all they have to do is to form a straight line! but found out that they had shapes and patterns( like golf club, empty heart, bow tie, etc. ) to form and you have to be rather quick to pick out the numbers they are calling!

the gorgeous view of James river from the ballroom & miss kim with her almost-winning streak throughout the night! She did get bingo once but there were 6 more people getting bingo at the same time so they had to draw lots and she got 5 busch bucks!

i was lousy at bingo!! they just didn't call my numbers but the few of us made a pact that when we get any numbers we will make funny animal noises so our row was having our own little zoo fun.. =)


  1. wow! i've never played bingo before
    zoo fun sounds so fun!
    how are u doing love? i just got back from a cooooold manchester. take good care urself okie dear

  2. im doing great!! its blazing hot here.. and i got tanner over memorial day weekend! when is your last day??


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