Thursday, May 25, 2006

about moving house

after work yesterday, noey & me swung by to colonial pines (my old housing) to pick judy up and we brought her to see our swanky new pad! Its not swanky yet but it will be in no time! Im really thrilled and excited and cant wait for Saturday to come! *boink*

things i love about the new place:
1) fireplace (good for snuggling next to in winter)
2) very very nice furniture (thanks to noel)
3) no room-mates
4) nice housemate
5) fully equipped kitchen (damn... we have two crockpots!)
6) cable teeeveeee!!!
7) little garden right outside out patio!!

and we think we found the third housemate!! (so rent will cost a lot less!!!) so my stuff will be boxed up within the next two days and i will move out of the madhouse. i was so excited last night and this morning that i could hardly put together my lunchbox together by myself! Everything is falling into place!!!

after visiting our new home, we went to Monticello Market and picked up dinner (Old Fashioned New York Style Subs!) and Seth made us HUUUGEE subs! it was sooo yummilicious cos of his secret suace!! and the best part i loved about the sub was squishing it flat so we can bite into it. i think i won;t be able to lose any weight living with noel! Popped in "Finding Nemo" (judy's fav cartoon) and sat in front of the telly. for once, i felt like i was at home... *sigh* 

im sooo happy & relieved!!! 


  1. you DID find a 3rd roomie! hurrah!

  2. Yay! Happy for you and your new home! No more horrid people spoiling your day! :D

  3. yeah!! she is sister of one of the chefs!! and she is hair dresser!! maybe i will get some "how to get decent hair" tips...


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