Thursday, April 6, 2006

weekend plans

im so excited and sleepy at the same time and all these conflicting emotions are bouncing off the inside of my tums, causing havoc! here are my exciting plans for the weekend! *grins*

Tonight: Bowling with colleagues (damnit, shouldn't have done nails two days ago..)
Friday Night: Chicago the Musical at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk with Noel, Chef and Kortez
Sat Morn: Go Washington DC with Judy on Amtrak
Night: Check into Lincoln Suites/ Hilton
Sunday: Come back to Williamsburg in evening..

yippee!! i heard that the cherry blossoms trees in DC are in all shades of pink and white! im so excited! and i so deserve a break i have been working since last monday which is 11 days in a row... and fatigue is taking a toll on my usually very hearty diet. i could hardly manage one baby waffle for breakfast and i know that i will only be finishing half a salad for lunch.

great for my nicole-richie diet...


  1. nono nicole is toooo skinny now! :)
    cherry blossoms sounds so good. take loads of pics k!

  2. im sticking to the mantra that there's no sucha thing as too skinny too rich.. hehe


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