Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tuesday updates

1 bad and 1 good.

the good: im going to play putt-putt(don't know how you spell it) tomorrow with seth n noey n kortez after work!!! never played golf before but im sure it will be fun!!!

the bad:

crap!! im going to hit the gym first and then meet them at ben & jerry's.. cant be that bad right??


  1. Haha.. just go ahead and enjoy the treat! it couldn't be that bad with only 1 scope of ice cream.. haha.. i dun think i gym will be necessary though... LOL... -Haoz

  2. you are evil!!i'll be round as a ball!!
    i did go to the gym and in the end, it rained and no one wanted to walk to the icecream parlour with me!! *pouts*

  3. Heloo.. i am evil?
    I encourage you because all along i know u like eating ice cream.. i thought just once its okie.. i just want u to enjoy urself for once... u don't eat ice cream everyday, do u? and its just one scope only..
    We cant be restricting ourselves in everything, then wat fun do we have in living.. now u are making me feeling so sinful.. :(


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