Sunday, April 16, 2006

time for another meme

instructions: using google image search, choose a picture in the first 20 results for:

First Name: Zhing (i guess...)

Family Name: Cheng

Cheng Tng!! my fav dessert!!

Last Name: Zhiying

hehe.. i feel special! its an art studio..

Age: 23

Fav Food: Angel Cake

Fav Color: hmm.. could it be... urm... maybe pink??

(this totally cracked me up.. so cute!)

Worst Habit: *ka-ching* theraphy

Talking about retail theraphy, me and noey decided we deserve some easter shopping to pick out a cute outfit for sunrise service tomorrow! Because of work, i have not been to church much so tomorrow we will go to special service right by the waters in one of the golf courses! sounds real exciting and meaningful!

Happy Easter Kiddos! i will post pictures soon


  1. the post is not showing up babe!

  2. i know!!! =( worst part it.. i don't know how to fix it.


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