Wednesday, April 12, 2006

naming the odds

just a coupla "huh? what were they thinking???" names of people i know from the very very odd place i dwell in...

1) Golf (her parents loves golf)
2) Beer (her parents loves beer)
2) Cash (uh-huh... ditto)
3) Pantry (hmmm.. have no idea)


suddenly zhing sounds real cool! =)


  1. Weird
    U forgot to add one more name to the list of weird names.. Zhing! Or tzeying. Haha! Kiddin!
    Those r definitely weird names.. Kooky parents they got.. Tryin to traumatise their own flesh & blood's life with such horrifc names..
    Mine sounds good too.. Actually great! Ummu!

  2. Re: Weird
    hahaha.. zhing is so not weird can!!! *whines* hehe.. lesson learnt, think real hard before you name your little one!


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