Friday, April 14, 2006

evil fishies

did y'all know "pepperridge farm" fishes have little smiley faces?? that totally cracked me up!! and im totally addicted to them now. *tsk* but its baked so i guess it alright.. (haha look at me justify my incessant snacking)

im really happy this morning. woke up totally late, slept through my alarm, noel's 10-million phonecalls and her knocking at right my doorstep!! and in the end my boss came by to pick me up.. so embarrassing. let's hope i don't do this too often. and today is my activity-filled day so i came to work in my polo shirt ready for pony rides in the afternoon, more easter bunny bouncin' and easter egg painting!!

watched "the notebook" on my laptop last night. twas a nice and warm kinda show. very sweet and "awww" inducing. and in all aspects of the night, it was purrfect! and i've got a nice pretty soy candle in a tin and it has the exact right scent i've been looking for, something that makes you think of the spa! the scent is called lavendar and lemon, not too strong and im lighting it everywhere i go, in the bath, when im plopped in front of tv, in my room... *grins* anything to get rid of the weird cooking smell i have in my house (cos my housemates don't like to open windows and frown at me when i do.. damn.)

the fishies are starin at me again..

oh! and did you know that starbucks at Kingsmill has the prettiest pink cupcakes!!


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