Friday, April 28, 2006

all about cooking..

official opening ceremony of the red crockpot, named Honkytongs!

1) vegetable soup : super easy! just threw EVERYTHING i had in my fridge into the pot.. quite a mistake to throw okra in though.. made the soup a bit gooey! but still overall yummy.. but my china housemate gave me the weirdest look, like a "you sure its edible" kinda face.. hehe..

2) mexican chilli! this is real delish! i fed a whole army of hungry friends! with toasted bagel, fresh corn bread and pasta.. and there is still loadsa leftover!! super easy to make..

any more crockpot recipes for me to try??

and before everyone back home thinks im going to come home and fire up a 5* kitchen, you'll be sorely disappointed. im making food cos im bored and cos i need to feed myself. not a genius in the kitchen but getting more hits than misses!! and for the records, i did have my 'down' culinary moments at the start where i had to eat burnt-yet-un-cooked, gooey rice with mushroom bits inside tasting like rubber.. but of course i didn't blog about it!! *evil grin*

i remember the times when me, fenzy, shiji & sharon in NYC with meijuan in her teeny tiny apartment figuring out what we going to make for dinner and i don't know why this stuck to me for 6 years but she said that cooking is like basic math.. and that was when i really started having fun making food. sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don't!!

and till now, i still have fond memories of us squatting on the white faded wooden floor half in leotards, stockings and whatever's left of our make-up having instant noodles and sauce of whatever we found available in her kitchen, the comforting scent of pine trees and singing the night away with background of police sirens & evening traffic.

ooo which brings me to my exciting news!! im NYC-bound on July 2 with judy!! yippee!! =) i miss my alex boo boo!!! if we can get malaika to come up to NYC to meet us from LA, the 4 of us will be reunited!! *finger crossed*


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