Thursday, March 9, 2006

tastes of williamsburg

thank you, Michelle, for the tickets! it was held in a posh nice hotel with all the Williamsburg hotels and F&B providers cooking their best dishes!

my loyalties lies with Kingsmill but the other hotels make quite yummy food too and the choc fountain was superb! on my teeny plate, i have stuff crab ravioli, some spring roll thingaling stuffed with scallops, cranberry sauce and sumthing else, pumpkin and BEER!!! soup and banana choc cake on an almond biscuit!! totally delicious.. and the hooters wings were fantastic!! (and the girls too!) and and and the white choc martini was most impressive!!

and my fantastic date, Kortez. This dude is very sweet and such a precious thing. He has been teaching me most of the things at work and ferry me to and from work. and the two of us made the biggest boo-boo.. prior to the event, both of us didn't know what it was about so we were so famished, we pulled up at Wendy's and grabbed fast food. That was him unglamourously cramming burgers in his car minutes before we stepped into gourmet heaven. DOINKS! we really wanted to murder ourselves for ruining our huge appetite on greasy Wendy's burger! (which gave me a tummy ache anyway.. )


  1. ur posts always make me HUNGRY

  2. hehe.. sorry babe!! will post some serious work-out pikkies! =)

  3. yeah! post pictures that will make us exercise, not eat! lol.


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