Wednesday, March 22, 2006

on a cold and rainy day @ work...

it was down to 35 farenheit today.. (in celcius: VERY COLD) and a very insightful judy noted that in "rural" areas like virginia, the people place lots of emphasis on weather! how true.. everyone i met had something to say about the weather and predicts whats it going to be like next week!

and got my first informal appraisal from my boss, kelly. she said my progress is 'amazing'and in all humble-ness i could garner, i just shook my head and said there is so much more i can do.. *sigh* i really don't take compliments too well... *grins* but afterwhich i was grinning like mad and it made my day!!

and its my first long weekend (friday to monday) and i was wondering if it's worth a trip up to NYC or should i just stay in virginia and explore a bitty more and save NYC for my week-long holiday? *scratches head*


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