Wednesday, March 29, 2006

how cute!!

pink strawberry fronsted doughnut with rice sprinkles (like freckles) hehe..

and this one i particularly like..

awww.... so sad looking! its a burnt toast!! yummy!!

toasted bread is a luxury i was deprived of since young cos of my tonsilitis.. but i've been having toasted this, that, everything i wanted ever since i came here!! whoppeee no sore throat so far.. *touch wood*

oh! and cos i keep yakking non-stop bout food. its time to mention that i got awarded a little red "jazzercise" water tumbler today morning cos my tag-team at gym class hit a total of 36 classes since start of March! yayy.. well done! and i clocked 24 of those classes.. we'll see how long this lazy bum will keep up to the daily jazzercise classes! when my china housemate, ling, asked how many lbs i have lost since i came to US. and the total amount is : NOTHING!!! *gasp*

i guess the exercising is just enough for me to justify my constant pigging out and snacking.. *guilty look*

no more IHOPs for me, kortez...


  1. poor burnt toast. haha. the cupcake reminds me of the powerpuff girls!

  2. hey babe!
    the pics are really cute!! hahah :)

  3. rather ex tho! about USD$ 20 each!! but super cute..


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