Friday, March 17, 2006

the girls next door


The lives of the Playboy Mansion girls: Kendra, Holly, Bridget going on promo tours, 5* hotels' presidential suites, perfectly coiffed blonde hair and amazingly extranvagant lifestyles makes me wonder how many women in this world would trade their dignity for a life of glam, limos, LVs and urm... wrinkly old man(in singular).

and also from tv, i learnt there are states in USA known for bigamy and in these community, it is common to have many wives to one man. it immediately made me wonder if zew is having so much problems dealing with my crap.. imagine if there were 3 of me around! good lord!!!

but it was interesting watching these family sort out their problems and issues they had to handle. the head wive was be in charge of finances and they were having some competition who made the loudest noise at night. *raises eyebrows*

american tv really amuses me...


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