Sunday, March 12, 2006

gave up...

was feeling kinda crappy this morning so after gym class, i bought myself fairy stickies for my wall and stuck them up! (only USD$1) figured out that im gonna do all that i can to like my little corner and look away from the not so nice object in my room..

anyway, i did something my mum & bb will be proud of today. i quit the toilet paper game. i kept forgetting to bring loo paper anyway. i suck at this game. so today, i filled up the empty toilet roll with my own roll of pretty butterfly printed toilet paper. yeah.. so away with my principles! hey roomies, if you ever read this, i think its SUPER childish of you and you all should be ashamed. i was even contemplating whether to put a sticker there: "with compliments from zhing" but thought it was quite qian4 bian3. hmmm..

i went through a whole long thought process before i took this baby step. figured maybe my "principles" may be kinda in my way of being a nice person. never too late i guess..



  1. hopefully they'll realise how silly the toilet paper thing is oso...u know how dense some ppl can be...-smiles-

  2. *sheepish grin* sorry.. haha im making such a big fuss about it..

  3. ohhhmmm
    wah! exemplar of 'love your enemies'. hee hee... well done, ying-er! in this way you shall heap hot burning coals on their head.
    lovely picture of the flower above... enjoy spring.

  4. Re: ohhhmmm
    thanks babe~!! Looking forward to loads of kool-aid, aloe vera and sun!!!!!


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