Friday, March 24, 2006

friday mornings are fantastic when..

1) kortez is a 'low fat' cream-cheese & onion bagel convert after you pack him breakfast!!
2) wake up knowing that the brewery is brewing today! the whole area smells like a delish mish-mash of malt and fresh bread! not overwhelming like the stale coco-pops smell lingering in Jurong but just yummy and warm!!
3) you wearing red wedgies to work cos it's casual fridays at work!! maybe more busch garden fun post-work!
4) its payday!!
5) looking forward to the loong weekend ahead and loads of retail-theraphy!!
6) have a mini-spa basket to assemble today.. more fun stuff to do!!
7) had a fun casino-themed event last night but was in awe by the set up and the 'real' casino tables and dealers that i forgot to take my cammy with me.. awww.. but the guests had so much fun im sure i will have more casino nights coming in!


busy busy!! and i think i use too many exclaimation marks!!! =)


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