Wednesday, February 22, 2006


been on emotional rollercoaster, not enjoying it and not enjoying it one single bit...

it's becoming increasingly tough to be happy these days! wassup?! maybe the weather is slowly sapping my energy & good vibes. probably partially to do with the leaving home bit. or the fact that im going back to 3 degrees.

ok. question. when u see an accident on the road, do you avoid and turn away or go crashing in? obviously veer away right? esp if its avoidable hmm.. so sue me for running away from problems. im just glad to be walking away from this intolerable mess for a while.

so if you see me these days, beware! i probably bite.

bel, happy bday. and i mean it! *hugs*

oh...let's play the "think-of-happy-things" game:

1)i bought red wedge heelies today! heehee. with this huge floopy butterfly on top which disturbed dick to no end. but it was super cheap like $24. (silly doink of a friend is very adversed to anything vaguely insect-y)



  1. Cheer up! You're one of the few people on my list who is perpetually chirpy and at peace with the world so I hope everything sorts itself out soon... enjoy your floopy butterflies. :)

  2. and you too babe! *huggies* hah! and im as angsty as a pimply teenager.. *grouch*

  3. Heya babez.. I love you, Mood swings and all.. =)
    Really appreciated you coming all the way to the airport to pick me up and to send me home!! I dun think I really said thank you!!! time delayed response! hee..

  4. pleasure's mine. sorry had to squeeze time out like that...


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