Wednesday, March 1, 2006

tuna pasta for the soul

im not the biggest fishy fan but last night's homecook tuna pasta was the best thing i could wish for.

maybe its cos judy made it & thank god for her! only she would suggest trying my window-ledge (of all places!!) for internet and finally managing to tap some bandwidth for both of us! but she is not my housemate so i guess we would have to settle by shuttling between our apartments.

she's my virginia lifesaver..

p.s. updates on the housemates. having individual rolls of toilet paper is wayyyy too weird! it's gonna be a tough 18 months ahead!


  1. *empathies*
    may you have plenty plenty lifesavers like tuna pasta.. i vaguely remember someone doing that for me too in a nyc apartment 2 years ago!

  2. *plenty of hugs* oh! and our pictures on my wall is also a good lifesaver! =)


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