Friday, February 17, 2006

random blurbs

1) just realized a close pal of mine reads this blog! yippee!! the miracles of technology! just a quick holler to the Ong Lai Tats! (i swear a combination of their names really conjures such yummy images.. im jealous)

2) talk about technology, i was totally overwhelmed by the number of IT tech-y nonsense existing. i shamefully got lost at Funan Challenger today just looking for Norton Anti-Virus. *tsk* Challenger must be those tech-geeks' version of Zara or Mango i guess..

3) in the name of die-hard sisterhood, i ventured to unfamiliar grounds just to catch the silly-billies at lunch in their workwear. Isn't it so amazing how everyone looks like everyone else at raffles place? yes yes.. one day i will join the crowd and wear boring g2000 suits and tie my hair unglamourously and chop places with tissue paper

4) song is leaving for london tonight for 2 weeks. meaning when he's back, i won't be around. meaning im not gonna see him in the next 18mths. meaning im gonna miss him. more than he misses me... *boohoo* and deedee, to hell with that stupid college (its probably old n mouldy and reeks of racism).. whoever doesn't appreciate you does not deserve such a bright young man in their college! *indignant look*

5) ticket woes settled. but i need to spend 11 hours transit curled up in a chair in chicago airport! stiff neck expected.


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