Sunday, February 12, 2006

me and woks!

this is a "WAH!!! zhiying so clever!!" post!

In hope to gain culinary confidence and figure out some recipes before i live on my own in the states, i picked up the wok and decided to make a loving dinner for my family! and since my helper is gone, i really made EVERYTHING by myself! *gloats*

so just for the records, this is what i made:

1) Black Beans Chicken with Bittergourd ( fav vege!)

2) Garlic Mushroom (inspired by the barcelona spicy garlic sauce)

3) Sambal Balachan Beans (like thai express!)

and so far no complains of food poisoning so i pass!! *phew* and in fact it was quite yummy!! *big beam* but now my fingers smell of garlic and onions.. eww!!


  1. whee!!!
    -big round of applause- u did it!!! maybe when u figure out a great recipe for tt rubbery veg u bought during xmas...i'll sign u up for IRON CHEF! wheee!!!!

  2. Re: whee!!!
    the problem was not the chef! was the weird swiss vegetables!! *indignant look*


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