Thursday, February 16, 2006

light at the end of the tunnel

i've been fussing about the air-ticket from hongkong to virginia for the longest time!! and despite all the advice to chill and book any flight there, i've been too picky having to consider departure time, arrival airport, time of arrival (hotel pick up imposed a non-sunday, no-later-than-10pm curfew), minimal transit hours, price, airline..

kinda made me appreciate family trip when we were young a whole lot more. all we had to do was to sleep early the night before, not make your brother cry on the trip and have a whaleful of fun when you reach here.

the end is near.. it has to be.

meanwhile, im toying with the idea of hitting east coast park for some blading before i mean my bootiful pal chelsin! =)

amusing snippet of conversation with zew: (inspired by discussion with deaf)

me: so? what kinda clothes you prefer me in??
zew: hmm.. *distracted* anything, i guess. you know im not very picky, just like food. im very chin chye (cantonese for flexible & unchoosy)
me: *contented*
zew: ya. that's why i chose you...

good lord. *roll my eyes*


  1. dearie ur conversation with zew is just so funny :) planning trips are certainly not easy. hug hug

  2. i completely understand except i don't have to go through as much trouble as you do when it comes to travelling. lol. i just get frusrated over the departure/arrival times and airlines. =/

  3. heehee...i'm sorrie but i REALLY tried not to laugh at his last comment. -still trying to control-

  4. HAHA! The men just don't geddit. *rolls eyes back to you*

  5. cant go, they say must go in pairs. :( nm lah. anyway dear u haf msn? add me!

  6. i added you babe!!! thanks.. hope your kt kinabalu trip will fall in place soon. *huggies*


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