Friday, February 10, 2006

L or R

second day in the week i woke up at 7am to line up outside the embassy!

and as part of english comprehension test, they verbally gave instructions to take fingerprints so it went something like "put your left index finger on the blinking red box". Simple, easy-peasy, insult to one's intellect, you think. but no... Must have been too early in the morning or maybe she was too enthusiastic to respond fast(so that i don't look like a clueless china immigrant..), zhing instantly whippes out her RIGHT THUMB and placed it on the NON-BLINKING yellow box, completed with her super megawatt smile.=) when i realized my folly it was wayyyy too late. her voice literally boomed from the microphone "PUT YOUR LEFT INDEX FINGER ON THE BLINKING RED BOX!!!!" how embarrassing. i just wanted to melt into the carpeted floor in shame..damn..and she threw me the dirtiest of all looks.. bleahh.

come to think of it, i always had a left and right problem. but it was "zhuo" and "you" (chinese) that confused me. my instructor would randomly shout directions to all of us and when music starts, everyone but me gracefully turns and twirls right into clueless me.. or when my driving instructor told me turn 'zhuo' and i did, only to find myself facing oncoming traffic..

but still, visa granted. *shakes head*

english lessons, anybody??


  1. lol. you have to admit it's pretty funny. xD

  2. I've always had the 左右 problem.. hahah.

  3. now mine has morphed into the 左右 plus LF problem.. gross

  4. Erm...
    Erm... you know... you REALLY shouldn't be driving... :P

  5. Re: Erm...
    watch out on the roads den.. cos i AM!!! *bwahaha*


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