Monday, February 27, 2006

jumping right back into the cold..

it's 0 degrees outside. and lying alone diagonally across my hotel bed in Chicago alone makes having a huge bed, indoor jacuzzi, bath tub, ample space to lay my hugeass luggages open side by side absolutely no fun.. compared to our humble cuboid we called home for 3 nights, with zew in my way absolutely every corner i turn, tripping over his random backpack, cold tablets, collections of maps and my luggages. i much prefer hongkong.

but thank goodness i got this hotel room within my budget (less than USD$80!) with amazing facilities, free internet and bestest of all, 60 TV channels!! ya.. so i should be happier than a bee.

but hongkong was incredibly amazing! we had a really relaxed to-do list in the first place. all we wanted to do was to:
1) spend time with the bride, fengyi, and friends
2) eat gong zai meen (for me)
3) spend time together

and you are right!! no shopping on the itinery. *smug*

but we ended up doing the touristy things cos our hongkong pals were more kan cheong than us, ferrying us to and fro! amazing how hospitable they were though. they picked us up, made sure we tried all the yummy things in hongkong, prepared sim cards, chose a hotel real near to MTR & wedding dinner place, gave detailed instructions how to get to places we wanted to visit, called every hour to check.. all the above while organizing a self-planned wedding!

okie just some thoughts on my lonely chicago night before i hop onto my 6am flight to virginia! yahoo! catch up with ya all den!!

*flying kisses*


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