Friday, February 17, 2006

@ indochine

bunch of pictures of the yummy food and my yummy friends, salma & weips! i had pho bo- viet glass noodles with beef bits and tho i didn't quite like the beef brisket nonsense inside, the abundance to tao-gei made it yummy!! (not a very pretty dish so no pictures) and we spotted little miss burberry. this little girl, at most 6 years of age, was donned in brown signature burberry plaid from top to toe and really from hair band to tube, pants, shoes all in the same sickeningly familiar plaid i see on handbags... ewww! clutches, yes please thank you.. clothes, urmm.. entire matching matching set of burberries?? eeeksssness!!! what bad fashion sense!

den again, maybe that's what people thought when they saw three of us kiddos in matching matching little outfits, mine always in red, song in blue and teng in green.. im quite cool with red but let just say green isn't quite teng teng's color. talk about teng teng.. he's in cleo bachelors this month.. hehe quite amusing to see your baby brother in a sexy desirable way. not amusing sorry.. just plain weird!!! 'nuff for now. if i have time i will scan his interview and post it here to share and shamelessly do him publicity. =)

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