Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winter Wonderland Day #1

disclaimer: holiday pictures posted not in any chronological order

Picture of our home for 10 day...with the adorable kids, nicole and dominic! Home at Reading was one of our favorite place in London! nice warm home with endless supplies of dvd, crisps, hot meals and happy kids beats any 5 star hotel handsdown! and our room was amazing! i was transported back home instantly in my pinkie rooms and toys and doll houses and pretty little knick-knacks. somehow i don't think Zew was as thrilled about the color!



thats nicole at footie practice! it was freakin cold but all the english kids were still running about! and my first english movie in ages- Narnia with humongous pop-corns and large fizzy drinks! *tsk tsk* all the calories..


zew with dommy (who is supposed to keep up with his one book per night) and the realllll cute cow candy dispenser which makes this reallllll loud "moooooo" when you pick a sweetie from him. well, the kids n zew did find a way to steal sweets without allerting the censor!


and the brave imp got his baby teeth plucked out!! tooth fairy gave him 2 pounds in exchange! how generous of the fairy! i think i only got fifty cents from my tooth fairy.. kiam siap!!! more pictures coming soon!!

yippie!! i have cup noodles for dinner and cranberry tea!! the simple pleasures of life!!!




  1. aw dearie the kids are beautiful and soooooooooo adorable! the tooth fairy is so generous! more photos to come ?
    huggies dearie! muacks.

  2. happy new year sweets!! yeah more pictures soon!!

  3. THAT"s such a FATHER shot! hahahaha! Zew gonna be a good dad....*gives zhing an approving nod*


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