Friday, January 13, 2006

a very rare note from a man of few words

To... Zhing

Please take care in 美国 USA is WORLD BEST for.... crazy you know...


1. Please sign up for life insurance etc.
2. Do not stand up beside windows (please crawl... CRAWL...)
3. Always keep your helmet and bullet proof vest...
4. WHEN you meet someone, please say to them "Hello~" when SMILING
(It shows them that you are absolutely safe woman.. so they don't want to shoot!..)
5. Please drive like normal people. You DON't need to keep to law. If the other cars run 70m/hr, you HAVE to drive 70 m/hr. even if the speed limit is 60m/hr.

As you know, i stayed 9 months in Seattle, Washington state 4 years ago. At that time, 32 people died. (just in ONE state) all shot by gun (they have sooo many types of guns!0

20 people: beside window (house, bar, departmental store)
10 people: inside or during the drive or waiting for traffic signals
2 people: on the road... (crossing the street)


from simon

p.s. im in exam mode: bespectacled, eye bags, sleepy, stressed..


  1. When are you going to the states!? is it an attachment thing? wow.... those sound like really good advice! i be emailing u soon! tee hee!

  2. i start work on 1 march so ideally reaching there 28 morning or 27 night!! its certainly good advice but slightly bit too uncle and bit too exagerrated. i cant be crawling past every window i pass, right??

  3. omg! so discouraging leh. well, if the shooters were to go to SIngapore...i bet they'll have fun time playing CS...


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