Wednesday, February 1, 2006

*fingers crossed*

because this is the forth time..

- Paris 2005


  1. Awww
    The pic of u & zew Kissin is so darn sweet! *Swoons, ZHing style* Ur back arent u?? Wanna see u babe! Miss u loads..

  2. Re: Awww
    im back!!! thanks.. such a poser shot but one of my fav too!!
    btw who r u??

  3. Re: Awww
    I kinda figured out tt u wont know who this is.. Salz from Ze Scarlet..

  4. Re: Awww
    hehe..gonna drop by scarlet one of these days to pay my darlings a visit!! *hugs*

  5. hello!
    oh my goodness, so romantic!! paris paris.. how long more do you have to go studying? I never even knew you were on lj and now I've found someone to live my travel and culinary dreams vicariously through heh..


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