Saturday, January 14, 2006


im happy today cos:

1) i did my FINAL french service (minus the GRANDE FINALE-EXAMS on monday..) starting to get bored of service. at the start it was challenging and fun, now its just dreary and repeatative.

2) un-fulfilled skating plans turned to good mock-sleighing fun! Malaika, Alex & me climb up a random hill outside school and did a coupla of slides down in a trash bag stolen from the toilet!! bwahaha.. talk about cheap & good fun! gonna hit the ice skating rink this weekend, i think..

3) Malaika bought her Barcelona tickets too!! so it's me, her and judy leaving 2 hours after our last paper, coming back half hour before our graduation starts!

now.. very very tough question.

how am i to pack my 35 kg + 20 kg (handcarry) + things i bought here into a mere 20 kg??? ce n'est pas possible!!!


  1. meep! ur entry's title has the first 4 letters of my name! meep!

  2. -grin.
    this had been tried n tested b4.
    if they say that u need to pay for excess baggage surcharge, explain (beg, plead, come to the worse, cry.) to them nicely that u had just graduated hence the extra load to bring back n that u had cancelled all your credit cards n have only a limited amount of money in your wallet. if they r understanding, the most u will have to fork out will b how much u have in your wallet.
    n since u're pretty, it should be easier getting thru.

  3. WAH COW!!! realli.. you tried the full works?? tears and all?? hehe...

  4. meep! maybe if ur parents had another little one, that would be her name.. eugene, eunice, euphine & euphoria.. bwahahah

  5. bwarhahahaha.
    did i say that i was the one who did that?
    my hsemate did though. n she got through.

  6. >.<
    u spelt my name wrong!! and hor...our names got pattern one. all 6 alphabets, start with "eu", end with "e". if the last one is euphoria...she's v out leh...quite poor thing.


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