Monday, January 9, 2006

blissful year to everybody!! belated new year and xmas wishes!! im back on the world wide webby, back in school, back to the real world. no more winterwonderland but all is good!

but it has been a blissfully fulfilling year!(a little late in this 2005 recap) survived FYP (and enjoyed the company & swims & snacking & late nights..missing it quite a bit actually), wore my first graduation gown, worked in my dream hotel Scarlet, took a huge step and left everyone precious behind, meeting more people (who became equally precious as those i left behind), visited many places (redang, genting, london, paris, switz...), drained daddy's bank account pretty dry (oops...), signed my first work contract in USA, realized that chinese new year at home never sounded any better.., basically spent an amazing year with my family, my friend and my darling boyfriend!! *swoons*

kinda lost now in school catching up on late emails, checking out pictures of chihuahua puppies & mona lisa,loving my first marc jacobs scarf from judy (thanks bella, wish i bought something more substantial..) salivating over lulu guiness's doggie bag, catching up on blogs and trying to figure out how to start on revision, exactly in that order or importance!!!

now.. how to catch up on late blogs.. *headache*



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  1. Welcome back!!
    Good to hear that you like my scarf! A bit late to say...but Happy new years~! and we have a whole lot of fun coming up girl!! now we will have to focus on the up coming events which is what you know...boohoo...


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