Monday, December 5, 2005

the child in me...

1) still squeals when i see ferris wheel (even though no one wants to take a very pricey & ice-y ride with me..)

2) STILL feels like going on the wooden merry-go-round at the christmas market risking being 4 times the age of my fellow merry-riders. and i will still take the ride with pink candy floss, i will wave EVERY round i take and i will certainly pick the pink pig.

3) would choose mcflurry over warm red wine anytime even when its snowing and freezing!!

if that is all there is all to being a child, i would gladly stay a child forever but i hate it that no matter how horrid people are, you cant stick your tongue out and say "i don't friend you" and NEVER talk to the person ever.. and i hate it that metabolism seem to come to a grinding halt when you hit 22!! and i also feel ashamed to admit that though im having a ball of fun out here in the snow, im really looking forward to going home as well. 

and that everytime someone calls from home, i still feel like crying..

*tsk* i need to grow up..


  1. *HUGZ* don't ever lose the child in you. :) It's what keeps us sane sometimes.
    Can't wait for you to get back!
    Love ya!!

  2. yeah babe, keep the sunshine-child personality burning strong! don't lose it or life would be so boring!!


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