Friday, December 16, 2005

en suisse:: bright and happy

i've been real happy these days!! doing mundane tasks like cleaning my forever-messy room. somehow the mess just grows as i pack.. somehow. packing into two luggages, one for our montreux apartment and one for my winter vacation!

somehow, nothing can spoil my day cos the boyfriend is on his way here! woohoo! and we are going to london for xmas with my cousins & kiddos and finally to paris for newyear and our anniversary! and finally back to switzerland for some sking, fondue and plenty of fun!!

more more pictures soon before i take flight but i gotten my first xmas present! really pretty fairy things from montreux market from euphie and we're headed to poppyville (our suisse vacation home) later! 


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  1. omg i heard from yu teng that you're leaving for uk this weekend! and i haven't spoken to ya in a long time man..


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